Stop Filling in the Blanks and Make a Funny Online Language Test

Many language learners complain that most online tests they’ve come across are like the ‘fill in the blanks’ variety. I know that filling in the blanks all the time is quite boring. And language learning should contain listening, speaking, reading and writing, so should the language tests. So here comes the question, how could we make a funny online language test and has variety itself?
I used to learn how to make a flash test with Adobe Flash. Have to admit, I was once deeply impressed by the stunning flash tests others make with Adobe tools. However it turns out that I found that maybe I can never well control the Adobe software. Then I turn to some professional test maker.
For making funny language tests, you could use authoring software such as Articulate QuizMaker, QuizWriter, etc as well as online tools like ProProfs. Considering accessibility, functions and price, I will set Wondershare QuizCreator as an example and show you some good stuff of this tool to make a very funny online language test.
1 Use the audio setting to edit a listening item.
Tips: the editing panels of all question types would have an option of audio setting. You could have different kinds of listening tests, from dictation to listen comprehension.
2 Make cloze test with multiple choices. Cloze test is a frequently used form in traditional language test. Using QuizCreator, we could import it into online language tests. And the multiple choices could have single answer as well as multiple answers.
3 Test the linguistic logic with sequence. Now you could know the test takers’ controlling over Conjunctions, Prepositions, etc.
4 Even an essay writing question could be created. Online language test has a writing item! Now the test takers would only complain it’s too complicated instead of boring.
5 Set time limit for the whole language test. Time limit is quite necessary when it comes to reading items in language tests.
Tips: You can also set Randomization, Passing Rate or Background Music for your online language test. All the functions could be found under “Quiz Properties” – “settings”.
6 You could write feedback for each question and the result of the whole test which give more opportunities for you to communicate with the test taker.
Look at this sample of English idiom test. Now you could also make a funny online language test which has listening conversations, interesting pictures and all different question types. Download the free trail of Wondershare QuizCreator and try out. maybe you could find more applications of this tool that can be used when making an online language test.

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