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Get Paid to Programs – Money Maker Or Hoax?

GPT programs or get paid to programs is a good money maker and if you know what you are doing it can be treated as legitimate online jobs that can give you a good amount of money each time you do your work. If you want to make money from it then you must know your strength and weakness and of course you must choose the program that leans on your strengths, for example you are good in writing articles and essay then you must choose paid to write to maximize your earnings and enhance your talent. People who earn decent amount of cash in GPT know how to schedule and they also know how to balance their time. You can also earn money on blogging but it will take a lot of hard work and too much promotion, sometimes search engine optimization will stress you out before you can make a single penny on using your blog.
Now let’s talk about GPT programs, many people tell that it is scam and cannot be trusted, its true that finding a legitimate online jobs is hard but let me tell you this, there are many scam sites lurking on the internet especially in GPT sites, but you can easily spot the scam sites so it will not be problem, never join PTC or other easy money stuffs because they will only run away with your hard earned money, if you want a real trusted GPT then join legitimate program that do not promise high payment but they will surely pay you when you reach payout. You can find these kinds of sites in article writing job, product reviews, paid to upload, paid blogging and more.
There might be tons of scam sites but if you are careful and vigilant then you can easily spot and avoid them. GPT is a good money maker and like I said, it can be turned into legitimate online job that will pay you good amount of money online, but it is also the one of the target of pretentious people who promise to give you job and big pay but in the end they will scam you and you cannot do anything about it.
I know it is hard to earn money online and finding the best legitimate jobs is hard to find. To help you in this dilemma you can visit Earn at Home Jobs [] and learn more how you can make money online easily.
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Essays Made Easy with Software

Why use software to write?
The question should be…
Why NOT use software to write?
There are many smart people in the world that simply do not write well. They may have trouble organizing their thoughts or they may not understand the basic five paragraph format.
Essay writing software can help.
There was a recent review of an essay writing software program recently in the Writer’s Digest online concerning a software called the Instant Essay Creator…
Some writers have trouble organizing their thoughts into essay format, while others are clueless as to how to write a conclusion. Middle school and high school students often struggle to master the art of writing the standard five-paragraph essays that English teachers love to assign. While there isn’t a writing software program on the planet that can magically transform dull and uninspired writing into an enticing inspirational essay, a quality specialized writing software program such as the Instant Essay Creator is definitely helpful for generating, organizing and developing random thoughts and ideas into a fine essay.
The Instant Essay Creator does not work magic, but it does work hard. What this program does best is guide its user step-by-step through the essay writing process using a template-based program which breaks the essay writing process down into manageable tasks. Using this easy to install program is a breeze, and Sayles, who just happens to be a writer and public school teacher, includes plenty of helpful pointers for assembling, organizing and polishing the standard five-paragraph essay.
The organizational aspects of this program are pragmatic and accessible and will help even the most scattered and disorganized of writers become more focused and productive. Students will benefit greatly from the instructional text, which helps writers develop the critical elements of an essay, such as thesis and point-of-view, while more seasoned writers are certain to appreciate the structured templates, which assist the writer in shaping scattered thoughts into focused and structured sentences and paragraphs.
We’re not talking brain surgery here. What the software basically does is break down the art of essay writing into small steps so that the writer doesn’t feel overwhelmed or get off track. The Instant Essay Creator is not a sophisticated or complex software program, and it doesn’t contain fancy graphics or elaborate illustrations, but it definitely makes the essay writing process less cumbersome and infinitely more accessible.
It won’t instantly churn out elegant prose by the barrelful, but it will guide struggling students through problem areas and it’s a great tool for practicing essay writing. The Instant Essay Creator is a useful tool for battling writer’s block and for increasing overall productivity because it’s a bit like having a writing coach by your side, guiding you along and helping you move forward in the right direction.
What’s the best part of all? It beats staring at a blank page waiting for inspiration to strike!

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Get Paid to Upload Files – Is it a Good Money Maker?

I never thought that internet would is a good place to establish a business, at first I was only downloading files and stuffs but when I started to learn how to get paid online I learned that I can make money by uploading files, promoting them and I will be paid when a user downloads my files. At first I did not believe it that much because I joined and not earning a cent on this paid to upload program so I feel disappointed. But when discovered different tricks and techniques on increasing my earnings I immediately started to do it and my earnings increased for only 1 month.
The first thing to remember is you will not make money by only uploading your file, you have to faithfully promote it until you generate ample amount of income. I promote my download link in related forums to increase download count, for example my anime MP3 files will be promoted on a anime or manga forums because the people lurking and participating there love anime MP3’s. Be creative in promoting and be aggressive but never spam because you will be banned and it is not good for you and your online earnings.
If you have Twitter and Facebook you can share different MP3 download links and some of your friends or strangers might be interested on it and download your link. Just post one link a day to avoid spamming because if they branded you as spam then you will be ignored or you might be blocked or reported so be very careful.
YouTube is also a good weapon in promoting links, just give to the credits to rightful owner though because your video might be deleted because of copyright infringement.
Overall you will only earn from get paid to upload sites if you work hard for it. Keep in mind the things that should be avoided to prevent being banned.
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Stop Filling in the Blanks and Make a Funny Online Language Test

Many language learners complain that most online tests they’ve come across are like the ‘fill in the blanks’ variety. I know that filling in the blanks all the time is quite boring. And language learning should contain listening, speaking, reading and writing, so should the language tests. So here comes the question, how could we make a funny online language test and has variety itself?
I used to learn how to make a flash test with Adobe Flash. Have to admit, I was once deeply impressed by the stunning flash tests others make with Adobe tools. However it turns out that I found that maybe I can never well control the Adobe software. Then I turn to some professional test maker.
For making funny language tests, you could use authoring software such as Articulate QuizMaker, QuizWriter, etc as well as online tools like ProProfs. Considering accessibility, functions and price, I will set Wondershare QuizCreator as an example and show you some good stuff of this tool to make a very funny online language test.
1 Use the audio setting to edit a listening item.
Tips: the editing panels of all question types would have an option of audio setting. You could have different kinds of listening tests, from dictation to listen comprehension.
2 Make cloze test with multiple choices. Cloze test is a frequently used form in traditional language test. Using QuizCreator, we could import it into online language tests. And the multiple choices could have single answer as well as multiple answers.
3 Test the linguistic logic with sequence. Now you could know the test takers’ controlling over Conjunctions, Prepositions, etc.
4 Even an essay writing question could be created. Online language test has a writing item! Now the test takers would only complain it’s too complicated instead of boring.
5 Set time limit for the whole language test. Time limit is quite necessary when it comes to reading items in language tests.
Tips: You can also set Randomization, Passing Rate or Background Music for your online language test. All the functions could be found under “Quiz Properties” – “settings”.
6 You could write feedback for each question and the result of the whole test which give more opportunities for you to communicate with the test taker.
Look at this sample of English idiom test. Now you could also make a funny online language test which has listening conversations, interesting pictures and all different question types. Download the free trail of Wondershare QuizCreator and try out. maybe you could find more applications of this tool that can be used when making an online language test.

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How to Create a Video From Your Essay

This is a simplified, step by step process for you to be able to create a video from your powerful message.
These are the items you will need to begin: An essay/story/message, Computer, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Windows Live Movie Maker, and an account with YouTube.
1. Create your essay/story/message – This is important. It is essential to write your message first or at least have an outline of the message.
2. Choosing music can be a little more difficult. You don’t have to have music but it does make the video much more powerful. The most important thing to remember; Music typically is copyrighted and unless you have permission you can’t use it for your video. It doesn’t matter that you aren’t making money from it. There are some websites out there that sell copyright free music and a few websites that have free, copyright free music. When you have the music you want to use, download to your computer making note of where it is saved
3. Open PowerPoint Presentation – You can be as creative as you like but know that what you really want is to set up each slide to be transferred to Windows Live Movie Maker. None of the animations or music can be transferred. You will add them later in Windows Live Movie Maker. On the flip side, in W.L.M.M. you will be working with pictures of the slides, you won’t be able to adjust any words, pictures or backgrounds.
To create more slides: Highlight a slide by selecting it then press enter.
The important tabs you will be using: Home, Design and Slide Show.
Decide on color, art, clip art, photographs, and word placement. Of course not using any copyrighted material. Don’t worry about timing at this stage but it is wise not to put too many words per page. You can use the slide show feature to get a feel for how things are flowing but really, don’t worry about timing.
4. When you are finished creating all the slides that you want: Go to Save As, click on Other Formats, click arrow Save as Type, select – PNG Portable Network Graphics Format, name it what you wish and select Save. It is going to create a folder with each slide saved separately. Pay attention to where that folder is so that you can find it. Also there will be a box pop up asking if you want to save just current slide or all slides. You want to save all slides.
5. Now open Windows Live Movie Maker. On the Home tab you will see “Add Videos and Photos” select and go to the folder with your slides. I suggest viewing them as medium size and you control that by selecting the small icon above on the right. You will be able to see a page of slides in picture format. Now select, starting with the first slide, to begin inserting them. They should be in order. A little tedious but there isn’t a lot left to do.
Once you have added all the slides, click on the first slide, click on the Home tab, click, Add Music. Then on the Home tab, click on AutoMovie. It will set up your movie to the music, add animation etc. You are not quite done. Watch the movie with the auto timings and make sure that you can read everything and see everything comfortably. If you can’t, click on each slide individually that you would like to adjust. From the animations tab you can change how the slide fades in and moves while being viewed. In the Edit tab you can adjust timing.
If you feel your movie needs more time than your song is long (Not longer than 15 minutes for YouTube), after you have changed the timing on all the slides you wish to change:
Select the slide where you need the music to continue.
Add the song again creating a loop, from the Home tab, by selecting Add Music or add a second song.
Listen as you watch from one or two slides before the insertion point’.
If there is a long fade out from the ending you can click and move the second insertion closer, crossing over to create a smoother transition.
When you have it just the way you want it go on to the final step.
6. Having already gone to YouTube and created an account, select YouTube icon on the Home tab, sign in and upload your movie.
Have fun creating your videos.

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Writing Essays – New View in Joyce’s Short Story, Clay

Like literally every other short story ever published, “Clay” makes a strong old view value statement early on and then shows a new view reversal of that old view at the end. Let me demonstrate a three-step method that helps you analyze any short story using those concepts and that will help you get started writing literary essays:
#1- EARLY ON, STRONG STATEMENT: At the beginning of a short story, a strong value statement, an old view, is given by or about the main character, asserting an evaluation or describing some characteristic, goal, or desire.
The very first sentence identifies a goal or desire of the main character:

The matron had given her leave to go out as soon as the women’s tea was over and Maria looked forward to her evening out.

In the description of Maria’s getting ready to go out for the evening, as she’s preparing and serving tea for the women of the Dublin by Lamplight laundry, two strong old view value statements are made about two important characteristics of Maria,

  • Maria, you are a veritable peace-maker!
  • Mamma is mamma but Maria is my proper mother.
Because of the strength of the first old view value statement, we are given expectations of finding out how Maria was a strong-willed, clever, resourceful peace-maker, one who could bring peace to any troubled situation. And we expect from the second one to find out how she was Joe’s proper mother in all the idealistic ways that the phrase suggests.
#2-IN MIDDLE, SUPPORTING/UNDERCUTTING: In the middle of a short story, the old view is supported or undercut with descriptions, conflicts, and resolutions that set up the new view at the end.
DESCRIPTION: Many descriptions occur throughout the story that undercut the old views, so we’ll have to zero in on those with the clearest impact on the old view – new view relationship in the story.
In the beginning of the story, there’s a mixture of short descriptions of Maria’s character, her past, her plan for her trip to Joe’s house that evening, her relationship to Joe and Alphy as their nursing maid and nanny, how Joe and Alphy got Maria her the job at the laundry, Joe and Alphy’s presently strained relationship, the happenings at tea time, and Maria’s thoughts while dressing to get ready for her evening out.
During the tea-time meal, Lizzie Fleming said Maria was sure to get the ring and, though Fleming had said that for so many Hallow Eves, Maria had to laugh and say she didn’t want any ring or man either; and when she laughed her grey-green eyes sparkled with disappointed shyness and the tip of her nose nearly met the tip of her chin.
Since Lizzie had said, Maria was sure to get the ring… for so many Hallow Eves, it is plain that Lizzie had long wanted for Maria to get the ring, get a man, and get married. So did Maria. Though Maria says she didn’t want any ring or man either, her laughing with disappointed shyness says otherwise. She always wanted to be a proper mother, to raise her own family, but she never quite got the chance of getting married, which would have made that possible.
And what’s up with the description of Maria’s laughing and the tip of her nose nearly met the tip of her chin, which occurs again two sentences later, as well as at Joe’s house, when she’s being blindfolded to play another fortunetelling game? It must be important, though it’s not clear how. Maybe it just emphasizes her disappointed shyness about her relationships with men and her feelings about wanting to get married.
Right after Lizzie Fleming’s prediction, Then Ginger Mooney lifted her mug of tea and proposed Maria’s health while all the other women clattered with their mugs on the table, and said she was sorry she hadn’t a sup of porter to drink it in.
This description is important to bear in mind at the end of the story. I’ll bring it up in my discussion about the story’s ending, later.
CONFLICT: In the beginning, it was clear that Maria was always sent for when the women quarreled.
RESOLUTION: Why? Because she talked always soothingly‘Yes, my dear,’ and No, my dear.’ It was Maria’s soothing niceness, her way of passive peacemaking, which always resolved conflicts at the Dublin by Lamplight, not any cleverness of persuasion or strength of personality that earned her the status of veritable peace-maker.
CONFLICT: In the middle of the story, when Maria went to a downtown pastry shop on Henry Street, the stylish young lady behind the counter, who was evidently a little annoyed by her, asked her was it wedding-cake she wanted to buy. That made Maria blush and smile at the young lady; but the young lady took it all very seriously.
RESOLUTION: Maria’s solution to the little conflict-she blushed and smiled. Her soothing didn’t really solve the conflict, but it did smooth it over. More passive niceness.
CONFLICT: Near the end of the story, the girls couldn’t find a nutcracker for Maria and Joe got upset about it.
RESOLUTION: Maria nicely said she didn’t like nuts and they weren’t to bother about her. Again, passive soothing, not solving.
CONFLICT: When Joe and his wife tried to push beer and wine on her, Maria tried to refuse.
RESOLUTION: … but Joe insisted. So Maria let him have his way.
Once again, Maria solved a conflict by being nice and passively giving in to others, just smoothing things over.
CONFLICT: Maria thought she would put in a good word for Alphy. But Joe cried that God might strike him stone dead if ever he spoke a word to his brother again.
RESOLUTION: Instead of being a proper mother and a peace-maker with her ‘children,’ Joe and Alphy, Maria said she was sorry she had mentioned the matter. As she noted earlier in thinking about the Joe-Alphy conflict, but such was life, and Maria certainly was too passive and not peace-maker enough to resolve the situation.
#3-AT END, A NEW VIEW REVERSAL. At the end of a short story, a new view reverse of the old view is usually revealed.
When Maria gets to Joe’s, there’s another Irish fortune-telling game (called Puicíní: “poocheeny”). In the game, a blindfolded person is seated in front of a table on which several saucers are placed. The saucers are shuffled, and the blindfolded, seated person then chooses one by touch. The contents of the chosen saucer supposedly foretell the person’s life during the following year: water meant travel, a prayer book meant the priesthood or a nunnery, and a ring meant marriage.
In being blindfolded to play this game, Maria laughed and laughed again till the tip of her nose nearly met the tip of her chin-more evidence of the disappointed shyness we saw earlier. At first, her hand touched a soft wet substance with her fingers… Somebody said something about the garden… Mrs. Donnelly said… that was no play… Maria understood that it was wrong that time and so she had to do it over again: and this time she got the prayer-book.
As just one happening of the evening, just a game, the incident seems innocent enough. But what is soft and wet and comes from the garden? Clay, which is the title of the story. And clay is soft and passive and moldable by whatever pressures it. Doesn’t that describe Maria?
Where’s the strong veritable peace-maker or the proper mother who molds others, who directs and guides and blesses her children through thick and thin? This incident is a strong undercutting of those old views and reminds us of her indecision in buying cakes downtown and chatting with the stout gentleman on the tram, where all she could do was favor him with demure nods and hems.
And she gets the prayerbook in the game, not the ring. That’s appropriate for Maria because, as Joyce shows us time and again, she truly can’t handle much of anything else.
The strongest suggestion of Maria never getting a man and never, therefore, having the chance to be a proper mother, is when she sings a song at Joe’s request at the very end. The song brings to mind Maria’s life compared to the life of the woman whose words she is singing. The song was, “I Dreamed that I Dwelt,” and two lines in the song remind us of the women at tea time: And of all who assembled within those walls, That I was the hope and the pride.
You’ll recall that at tea time Ginger Mooney lifted her mug of tea and proposed Maria’s health while all the other women clattered with their mugs on the table.
That kind of clattering with their mugs on the table is probably also very like how those in the song would express That I was the hope and the pride, when they assembled within those walls. Where else would they assemble to express such hope and pride except in a banquet hall? Feasts and banquets would be the natural setting, and the rich feasters would, no doubt, toast the rich woman Of a high ancestral name with clattering and banging their mugs on the table, just as the poor, unwed mothers of the laundry did at tea time for their nice, poor friend, Maria.
The song was about a woman with riches and a high ancestral name. And the woman in the song felt That you loved me still the same, referring to some rich man, no doubt. Of course, that was the exact opposite or reverse of practically penniless Maria, who, blushing very much as she began singing, was very much aware that she was very poor, worked in a laundry for unwed mothers, and couldn’t even handle a common conversation with a common man on a tram without losing her wits and her plum cake.
At the story’s end, Joyce suggests once again that Maria is, in fact, the new view reverse of a strong-willed peace-maker with persuasive powers for solving conflicts, which the women of the laundry believed she was. As to being my proper mother, Maria’s letting Joe manipulate her so many times-past and present-actually show that she had not even been a strongsubstitute mother, let alone a “proper mother.”
The fact is, Maria’s entire character-as developed more fully in the middle and end of the story-is the new view reverse of the two strong character descriptions given at the beginning. Maria is actually as weak and passive and moldable and non-propagating (not giving of life, as a proper mother would be) as the title of the story suggests: She was lifeless, passive, moldable clay. Perfect fit.
Based on our discussion, here are some sample thesis statements to give you a few ideas for writing a strong essay on Joyce’s short story, “Clay:”
  • Joyce’s story “Clay” shows us the theme that, ‘Anyone who gives up too many personal choices to others can become sterile, unproductive, and incapable of controlling their own lives.’
  • Joyce shows with Maria in his story “Clay” that society may think we are one way, when we are, ironically, exactly the opposite.
  • James Joyce’s “Clay” provides ample evidence in little conflicts throughout the story that Maria lacks the strength others think she has as a peace-maker and a proper mother, especially at the end.
  • The short story “Clay,” by James Joyce, uses imagery in descriptions at the beginning, middle, and end to hint of Maria’s true character of weak, moldable clay, not strength.
  • “Clay” by James Joyce uses symbolism in the story’s title, in the holiday games, and in the song at the end to show that Maria is weak, not strong, and that she’s not what she’s labeled as being by her friends.
Now you’ll want to read author Bill Drew’s e-book, The Secret DNA of Analyzing Short Stories, which analyzes ten short stories using the NewView Analysis method that he demonstrated with “Clay.”
To help you come up with new ideas and effective ways to support them in whatever writing you do, especially essays, Drew has also authored and published these additional e-books, which are available at his website and The Secret DNA of Writing Essays-And Everything Else, The Secret DNA of Writing Thesis Statements, The Secret DNA of Topic Sentences That Entice Readers, and The Secret DNA of Analyzing Published Essays.

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How Essay Edge Editing Service Works

Whenever you decide that it time to further yourself via education there is almost always an essay that needs to be written and writing it yourself can prove a challenge, unless you employ the help of a company like Essay Edge. Your essay can often be the difference maker between getting into a college, grad school, or other higher education institute, and being shut out completely. For this reason it is imperative that you have the best prepared essay possible and that’s where Essay Edge comes in.
Essay Edge takes your essay that you have written and in a nut shell makes it better. The company works with your essay and will:
o Go over your essay that you e-mail to them completely.
o Address grammar, spelling, and typos issues.
o Give complete critique and show you how to fix your essay and make it more appealing.
o Turns around your essay in 48 hours or less.
o Gives you the confidence that your essay will have an edge over all the others that will be submitted.
The writers for Essay Edge are among the leading in their field and are graduates from some of the best schools in the country including Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, and Stanford to name a few. Essay Edge works with five main categories of essay or admission paper that include:
1. College: Getting into college is sometimes harder than finding a job. There are always many applicants and not everyone gets in. A great way to gain an edge on the competition is with a well crafted essay to help you stand out.
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3. Business School: Having a great essay is key to gaining admission to your business school of choice. Only seven percent of applicants get into the school of their choice on the first try so it is imperative that you take advantage of every edge you can.
4. Law School: Over half of all law school applicants get rejected over and over again. You can combat this and greatly increase your odds of admission with a well written essay.
5. Medical School: If you’ve made it this far you owe it to yourself to have the best prepared essay or medical school personal statement possible.
The writers of Essay Edge will work hard and diligently to ensure that no matter what area of higher education you are attempting to move into that your quest will be just a bit easier because your essay will be the best that it can possibly be. Their customer satisfaction rate is over 97 percent and 82 percent of the users are admitted to their top choice school.
The personal statement that you will write is like your resume for getting a job. If it is not well prepared and doesn’t stand out from the rest, then your chances of getting where you want to go will be greatly diminished. Working with Essay Edge will give you that pop and sparkle you will need in your essay to ensure a great chance of you getting into the school of your choice.

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